Every morning in Africa, an antelope wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion, or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest antelope, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or an antelope -- when the sun comes up, you'd better be running. -African proverb

Friday, September 30, 2011

Destination Races

Did you hear?!?  WHM has added another location. Let's hear it for Bloomington, MN!  Whoo-hoo!  I love destination races. It is so fun to run in cool, new places.  Plus, I really like the idea of getting some running buddies together and planning a girls trip.  I have so many groovy memories of race weekends.  I'll never forget the hotel fiasco in Phoenix -- or the introduction of Fa Strunner in Monterey -- or drawing on the little bus in San Francisco -- or jammin to Tiao Cruz on the way to Napa -- just to name a few.  Such fun times!

And, there are so many more races to run, places to visit, and memories to make!  St. Petersburg, Austin, New York, Nashville, St. George, Outer Banks, Chicago are on the top of my list.  What's on your running bucket list?

Friday, September 23, 2011

All Heart

At a running club fundraiser last weekend, a friend (Hi Ali!) asked how I keep motivated to run so much.  So many thoughts went through my mind -- the awesome taste of Gu, the acquired calluses on my feet, bonking ...  Ha ha!  Just kidding!  I actually didn't know how to answer her except that I just love it.  There is something so worthwhile about starting each day with a run.  Even if I am just going out for a few miles, it is worth getting up and going.  I love how running makes me feel.  I feel much more alert and motivated when I get back from a run -- ready for a productive day.  Not to mention, I sometimes get back from running before a lot of people even get up.  Running seems to buy me bonus hours each day.  I also feel like my metabolism is up after a run.  I could eat a doughnut, but one healthy choice often leads to another.  It only seems right to eat a healthy breakfast after a good run.  My mood is also elevated after a good run, which is very helpful on school days when time is of the essence.  Then there are the physical and social benefits of running.  I like feeling strong and fit, and I get to spend some quality time with friends.  What is there to not love about running?!?  Running rocks!  Period.  Or maybe exclamation point.  ;)

P.S.  It is also helpful to have a race on the calendar -- like the WHM!  :) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a Feeling!

It's amazing how good a PR can feel!  You would think that because you pushed yourself as hard as you ever have (until now) that you would be exhausted and worn-out.  But the emotional part of a PR seems to overcome everything physical, and this elated feeling takes over.  I love what a PR does to my attitude!  The speeding ticket that I got on my way to my race isn't such a big deal now.  ;) 

Speaking of attitude ... Now that I think about it, it is sort of like the chicken and egg -- what came first?  I think attitude plays a major role in achieving that PR.  As I was reflecting on my race this morning trying to figure out what I did differently, I think the main difference was my attitude going into the race.  I wasn't as nervous, and the race was fun!

So, what do you think came first?  The good attitude and then the PR?  Or, the PR and then the good attitude?  I'll take either way.  Just keep 'em coming!  :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Running in Reno

I am always raving about how great Tahoe is, but I need to give Reno its props too.  This weekend was the Great Balloon Race in Reno.  There's something magical about a sky filled with 100 + hot balloons.  Here is a partial view from this morning's trail run.

This was actually one time I wish I wasn't running on a trail.  It was hard to look up and enjoy the fantastic views.  Speaking of which, I actually did fall on my run this morning.  I would like to say it was because I was eye-ing the sky, but we were going the opposite direction (the balloons were behind us).  I'll just blame it on the balloons, though -- okay, Liz?!? ;)  Luckily my water bottle caught my fall, and nothing even touched the ground except my right index finger.

Anyway -- the Reno-Tahoe area has a lot to offer.  I have really enjoyed living and running here the past 4 years and often wonder what took us so long to move up here.  If you don't live around here, you should consider visiting someday.  Let me know and I'll recommend some great runs!

Let Freedom Ring!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have never been very flexible.  When I was little, lots of my friends could pull their heads down to their knees while keeping their legs straight.  Not me!  Flexibility -- at least the muscular kind -- is not one of my strengths.  I am working on it, though.  I try to squeeze in some stretching and rolling after every run.  It's hard to figure out why stretching is such a chore.   It's not like it is particularly hard or painful.  But, I pretty much have to force myself to do it.  I also try to go to yoga once a week.  I go to Bikram yoga (aka hot yoga).  I was pretty consistent before summer started.  Now I'm trying to get back into it.  I am still trying to decide if I like it or not.  I think I will like how it relates to running once I have gone consistently.  We'll see how it goes the next time I roll out my mat ...  Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Season

Although it is not officially fall yet, it is the beginning of the school year.  As an instructor and a mom of a second grader, this marks the start of a new season.  With the new season, comes a new schedule.  My weekly mileage has increased, but I like it!  I worked hard to build a strong base this summer, and I feel like I can handle it.  I love that 10 miles doesn't feel "long" anymore.  Maybe there is an ultra in my future afterall ...